Frequently Asked Questions

Inside Have a Hart is easy to use but we all have questions. The answers to most of the questions I get asked are here. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Inside Have a Hart?
Inside Have a Hart is an online fitness programme that helps change your life for the better. if you’re overweight and out of shape after years of yo-yo training and eating we can help you regain control and start you on your journey to a new you!
How does it work?

We will show you how to change your mind-set, build your confidence through goal setting, mind-set training, nutrition and exercise videos and most importantly it will keep you focused throughout your journey, our community support will help build a new you. Once your journey starts we use the power of our private Facebook group to guide, inspire and support each other through your journey, this will help you burn fat, get lean and take your fitness to new level!

How much does it cost?

Inside Have a Hart membership is FREE for the first month, then only £10 per month thereafter. Payments are made via Stripe on a monthly subscription.

I’m really unfit, can I do Inside Have a Hart?
Yes! The more unfit you are, the more you’re set to gain! Most are overweight when they first sign up. We’ll get you started with the basics, ensuring a slow, steady and safe journey to fitness!
I’m injured, can I do Inside Have a Hart?
Yes! We can help you adjust your workouts and training around your injury by regressing exercises to help you whilst you recover. Or alternatively you can focus purely on the nutrition and mind-set side of things while you’re recovering. Either way, there’s no reason to let injury hold you back!
I have a medical condition, can I do Inside Have a Hart?
Yes! But depending on your condition we recommend that you speak to your doctor before starting an exercise and nutrition plan.
I’m super fit, will Inside Have a Hart challenge me?
Yes! You can choose from our range of exercise videos that get progressively harder. If you think you’re fit.
How much exercise will I need to do?
If you’re just getting started a minimum of 3 days a week from our short qworkout videos but as you get fitter, stronger and more confident, start you develop your fitness and you recover quicker than 5 days a week with 2 days out of the 7 days as active rest using our yoga and pilates videos to help you recover. Most importantly it all depends on where you are now, and where you aspire to be!
I’m vegetarian / vegan, can I do Inside Have a Hart?
Yes! We have a selection of vegetarian and vegan meal options. You can also adapt any of the non-veggie meals with a few tweaks to the ingredients list.
Will I need to buy expensive food whilst being part of the programme Inside Have a Hart?
Nutrition is simple and affordable! We have recipes and cooking videos that will help you recognise what you are putting on your plate. Think meat, fish, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts, all prepared based on your fat loss and fitness goals. We recommend you prepare as much of your food at home as realistically possible. Home prepared meals, made from real food are the best for health, fat loss and fitness. We’ll teach you how to make and prep your meals through food videos.

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